Hobby-X Jo'burg

5 - 8 March 2020
Ticketpro Dome,
Northgate, Johannesburg

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About Hobby-X

Hobby-X was launched in South Africa in 1998 and continues to be as popular as ever, attracting tens of thousands of visitors to every show!

Most come from all over South Africa while others travel from Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Mauritius, Swaziland and further afield from the USA, UK and Europe - all looking for materials, equipment, supplies, ideas and techniques to inject some much-needed fun experiences into their lives.

Hobby-X promotes an innovative marketing approach that targets both Trade and Consumers. This two-pronged approach enables Exhibitors to target their marketing to the Trade Buyers, while generating brand awareness and building brand loyalty amongst consumers, ultimately resulting in increased demand for their products within the retail stores.

Many of the visitors to Hobby-X have developed a passion for hobbies and crafts and are hungry for ideas and information on new products and experiences.

In the busy-ness of life, we often overlook the importance of me-time. Health professionals all over the world are recognising the benefits of hobbies and crafts and the positive impact they have on busy lives.

The satisfaction of doing something you enjoy simply because you enjoy it is immense – and it's good for you. That fulfilment enables you to be a better parent, a more productive worker, a less grouchy spouse, partner or friend. When your own me-time needs are being met you will be less resentful of all the demands put on your own time by life.

  • Indulge yourself with model building, bonsais, books, metal clays, cake decorating, paper crafts and kite flying.
  • Explore your creativity with pewter, woodworking, scrapbooking, painting, car restorations, knife making and ceramics.
  • Have a spectacular shopping experience - mosaics, yarns, paints, canvasses, die casts and RC models, lathes.

Stock up on Fun! - games, puzzles, simulators, drones, creative workshops or spray your hair a crazy colour for a CANSA - a worthy cause!

Experience South Africa's favourite hobby and craft exhibition!